I make simple single-signature blank books by hand. The covers and a number of interior leaves are decorated using paste paper techniques.

These books are suitable for journaling, of course, and may also be used for drawing, scrapbooking or many other creative applications.

They’re sturdy, functional and highly decorative, great as a gift or as a personal aid to your creativity.

Because each paste paper sheet I make is unique, no two books are the same. I frequently produce groups of books with similar colors and patterns.

I also sell sheets of decorated paper and am looking into selling digital files containing paste paper patterns.

I hope soon to be selling books and paper from this website.

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Kevin Hayes

Blue Dotted Book
Blue Dotted Book, click for close-up

If you’re interested in learning more
or in buying a book, please email me at
kevin {at} simplejournals(.)com.